Hello, my name is Keith and I am the owner and photographer of Colorado Timeless Photography.

Along with being a photographer, I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast. If there's not a camera in my hands, there's a fly rod. I love chasing the trout and the light in the Colorado high country, you never know what grand vista or fishing hole will be around the next bend. I also enjoy sitting around the camp fire with friends and family after a long day of fishing or four wheeling.

My interest in photography began at a young age, when my father would let me use his 35 mm camera to take photos. Little did my father know that his camera would be in my hands most of the time from then on. Eventually my parents gave me my own camera as a graduation gift, and from there my love of photography grew exponentially.

My first passion in photography was landscapes, I enjoyed the peace and calm that came from spending time in the outdoors. There's something special about waiting for the light to reveal the beauty that so many others walk by without giving a second thought.

Then, a few years ago now, my love of photography took me in a new direction.

I was given the opportunity to begin shooting portraits, which I had always shied away from. Much to my delight I found that I really enjoyed shooting portraits and being able to capture the special moments in a person's life.

Through shooting portraits I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and interesting people, and I feel lucky to have captured some truly amazing moments.

I can't wait to meet you.